TLS is the expert company for handling leaf tobacco and convinced that its equally well trained and experienced staff know all about this precious commodity.

Customs clearance, sorting, weighing, sampling, checking for damages (including damage assessment) and vermin, marking/labelling, taring, repair of packaging, storing and forwarding of tobacco is the key competence of TL5. TLS uses gas powered and electric forklift trucks only.

Transport Consulting

Transport Consulting is a key competence of ESF and, therefore, available to all TLS clients as part and parcel of the TLS service.

Experience & Tradition

In the almost 60 years since the founding of TLS, experience and know-how have accumulated in the company to the the benefit of its clients. The TLS staff feel bound to traditional values and standards of reliability and integrity.

Progress & Adaptability

TLS readily faces up to the challenges posed by the marketplace and its clients. Together with them TLS looks for innovative solutions to meet their requirements. TLS has a modern edp network including a storage administration programme and effects customs clearance electronically.

Logistical services

Beyond mere transportation, TLS' parent company company ESF offers a complete range of logistical services such as organising and handling worldwide FCL as well as consolidated container services, door to door shipments, cargo inspection, arranging for onward transportation by truck, rail or barge and of goods under customs surveillance, stripping and stuffing of containers, storage of dutiable goods in unbounded warehouses with deferred duty payment, transport insurance coverage and setting claims with insurers.

There services are available to all TLS clients.